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At Monahan Law Group, LLC, we offer an unparalleled combination of skill, experience and expertise that no law firm can match. We provide legal guidance to people with disabilities, the professionals who serve them and others involved in their care and support. We assist individuals and agencies in Chicago and throughout Illinois.

It is our mission to provide principled advocacy for our clients by employing the highest standards of excellence and ethics in our practice. We strive to honor and uphold this commitment to each client we serve.

Compassionate Guidance for Individuals and Families

Living with a disability, including mental illness, can make planning for the future very difficult. It can also result in many questions from family members as to what they can do to help protect their loved one. Our firm is dedicated to advocating for individuals with disabilities and those involved in their support and care. We have decades of combined experience creating estate plans and advance directives, working through complex guardianship matters, ensuring that estates are administered properly, and navigating multifaceted mental health issues. Our attorneys have backgrounds in social work, mental health, child welfare, elder abuse and guardianship. We offer personalized legal strategies to protect your loved one.

Effective and Efficient Legal Advice for Hospitals and Mental Health Professionals, Including Social Workers and Counselors

We represent hospital systems and agencies throughout Illinois with important legal matters, including emergency guardianships, child welfare cases, Adult Protective Services and elder abuse cases, and other patient care issues. We regularly address novel and complex issues of risk management, confidentiality and other aspects of patient care in the hospital. Our attorneys work efficiently and effectively to provide important services in a timely manner — avoiding costs for our hospital clients.

We also work closely with community-based social service agencies, mental health clinics, child welfare agencies, elder abuse agencies, private practices, social workers and other professionals who provide social services. Our lawyers have a unique ability to address complex issues that impact a professional's practice.

Prepared in Times of Crisis

Many people who seek our guidance are facing emergent situations. We have the experience and skills to find efficient and effective solutions for those who need emergency guardianships or immediate legal action to halt abuse. We also handle other important and time-sensitive matters. We have extensive experience navigating the systems within which our clients work. We can help you achieve an efficient resolution to your urgent legal matter.

Meet With Us to Discuss Your Legal Needs

During an initial consultation, our lawyers will identify the important legal matters at issue so we can develop a plan to achieve the remedy or relief you seek. To schedule a consultation, please call our office at 312-419-0252 or get in touch with us by email.