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Professional Guidance Through The Adoption Process

The adoption process can be complex at times, and the assistance of our experienced attorneys can help to ensure that everything goes smoothly. We stand ready to guide you through the process and do everything we can to help achieve your goal of a successful adoption.

Our law firm can assist expectant parents and adoptive parents in all types of adoption settings, including but not limited to:

  • Private Adoption when the adoptive parent and birth parents make a private adoption plan for the child. In Illinois, the law allows for parents to make this plan if all parties reside in Illinois.
  • Agency Adoption when a licensed agency has placed a child with an adoptive family or assisted in a privately arranged adoption.
  • Interstate Adoptions when parties live in different states, adoptions can increase in complexity as each state’s laws differ in processes and adoption regulations.
  • Co-Parent Adoptions when a same-sex couple want to make sure both parents have equal legal status as parents.
  • Adult Adoption when the child is over the age of 18 and wishes to be adopted for the purposes of formalizing a parent-child like relationship.
  • Step-Parent Adoption for step-parents who wish to become the legal parents of their spouse’s children.
  • Foster Parent Adoption for parents who have already been caring for children who found their way into the foster care system.
  • Contested Adoptions when someone has objected to an adoption. In those circumstances when it is necessary to litigate, in many cases because a biological parent does not wish to terminate their parental rights, we have a dedicated team of experienced litigators to handle the litigation details.

Above all, the adoptive child’s best interests remain the top priority for a successful adoption to take place. The Illinois Adoption Act outlines the restrictions and purposes for adoption. However, they do not serve as an exhaustive list of additional considerations, and our experienced adoption attorneys can assist adoptive parents in navigating the proceedings, while keeping the child’s well-being front and center.

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