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Principled Advocacy For Families And Individuals With Disabilities And The Professionals Who Serve Them

Illinois Medical And Mental Health Confidentiality Lawyers

The confidentiality of medical and mental health records is an extremely important, but complicated issue. Our attorneys provide strong legal guidance whether you are seeking access to the medical or mental health records of an individual or seeking to prohibit disclosure of such records.

The attorneys of Monahan Law Group, LLC, understand the complex and often confusing laws surrounding confidentiality. We will carefully assess your situation and determine how to proceed. We assist individuals and professionals in Chicago and throughout Illinois.

Assisting Professionals

Social workers, medical or mental health professionals, therapists and other professionals confront confidentiality issues frequently. In today’s world, medical professionals are expected to share information about patients to ensure that their medical needs are met. However, there are times when sharing information may be construed as a violation of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), state mental health confidentiality laws or other rules regarding patient privacy.

When served with a subpoena to testify or turn over records, professionals often must determine whether the subpoena was lawfully issued, whether they should respond to the subpoena and how they can protect their clients’ private information. Information requests are often made under emergency situations.

Our attorneys will help you understand your legal responsibilities and explain effective risk management strategies. If an individual has involved you in a legal proceeding to obtain information or records, we can provide assistance and representation to protect both you and your clients’ privacy.

Guiding Families And Individuals

There are certain legal matters in which others may seek the release of an individual’s confidential communications or records, such as in domestic relations, criminal litigation, child protection and guardianship matters. Our experienced lawyers provide guidance for those who wish to protect confidential records as well as those who wish to gain access to such records. With experience in mental health law, social work, child welfare and guardianship, we know how to navigate the relevant systems to help protect you or your client.

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