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Principled Advocacy For Families And Individuals With Disabilities And The Professionals Who Serve Them

Attorneys Serving Social Service Professionals

Professionals in private practice and social service agencies serve vulnerable members of our society and play an important role in our community. Social service professionals work hard to address critical needs, and it is important that they be provided with essential legal and risk management services.

At Monahan Law Group, LLC, our attorneys provide comprehensive legal guidance to social service professionals, including social workers, psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, therapists and others. We offer legal guidance to hospitals, private practices and social service organizations in Chicago and throughout Illinois. Our lawyers understand the relevant laws and will assist you in complying with them.

Social service professionals play a critical role in our community. They work hard to keep our loved ones safe, and it is important that we also protect them.

We handle a wide range of legal matters related to community-based service professions, including:

  • Professional license matters
  • Legal issues involving social media, personnel issues and independent contractor agreements
  • Establishing private practices
  • Creating strong company policies
  • Patient confidentiality policies and procedures
  • Subpoenas for records, deposition or testimony
  • Record retention policies
  • Professional wills and business succession planning
  • Staff training on mental health law, confidentiality, surrogate decision making, professional ethics and related issues

We Have The Background To Help You Succeed

Our attorneys have backgrounds in social work, mental health, elder abuse, guardianship and child welfare. We understand the needs of the agencies and professionals who work in these fields. Our firsthand knowledge of the systems within which our clients work allows us to provide strong legal guidance no matter what issue you are facing.

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