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Tackling estate planning as a family

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2022 | Estate Planning

People often put off estate planning because the topic is viewed as morbid. While nobody relishes the prospect of discussing what will happen in the event that they become incapacitated, these are conversations that need to be had.

Your elderly relative may be struggling to wrap their head around the process, and this is something that you can help them with. Tackling estate planning as a family can make it a much less daunting experience.

Be tactful in your conversations

Your elderly family members may be nervous about addressing the subject of estate planning, so it is important to approach them sensitively. Try to make an effort to understand their concerns. This could help to open up the discussion in more detail.

Put their needs first

It is important that your loved ones don’t feel as if they are giving up control. Certain aspects of the estate plan may involve designating the power for other people to make important decisions on their behalf. For instance, estate planning instruments can be used to determine what sort of medical treatment is initiated in the result that your relative falls ill. While other people may be tasked with the final decision, it should be guided by your loved one in tandem with the wishes they have expressed.

Addressing estate planning concerns can be a challenge, but this is an obstacle that you can overcome as a family. If you have questions about the process, it may be in your best interests to gain a further understanding of your legal rights in Illinois.