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Should you choose multiple guardians for your child with special needs? 

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2021 | Estate Planning

Picking a guardian for a child with special needs gives you some peace of mind. You know that you will likely outlive your child, but your child will still need some level of assistance after you are gone. The guardian you chose will be there to provide that assistance. 

But is it really safe to pick just one person as your child’s future guardian? Or should you take things a step further and pick multiple options, giving your child a number of backups?

You cannot be too safe when picking a guardian for a child with special needs

What you do is up to you, and many people just pick one guardian because it’s faster and simpler. The truth, though, is that you can’t be too safe, and having backups can certainly help. 

For instance, a guardian’s age is a primary consideration. You may have found the perfect person, and they may be willing, but what if they also pass away before your child? Or, what if they are starting to approach their advanced years when it comes time to assume guardianship? They may not be physically capable of handling what could be a demanding job.

Naturally, age isn’t the only risk here. Young people pass away in car accidents and other tragic events every day. Having a backup can help just so you do not have to worry about that uncertain future. 

Finally, think about how things in your life can change. The person you choose as guardian may be willing to take on the role now, but what if they move to a different country, take a job that consumes all of their time, or suffer an injury that leaves them with a disability? Will they still be willing and able? Having a backup plan can help ease uncertainties in your child’s future.

Don’t have a plan in place? It’s time to get one

One thing that is certain is that you do not want to delay this process. You need to get your estate and guardianship plans in place to secure your child’s future.